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Located in Harrisonburg, VA | Serving areas in and around the Shenandoah Valley

WHY Lifestyle Photography

In 2019 I moved out of my studio space and made a change in my newborn work from posed studio photography to lifestyle photography.  I was inspired by a photographer, Elena Blair, who said, "Lifestyle Newborn photography allows you to focus on connection over perfection. You can stop worrying about whether or not your baby is going to sleep or how to pose babies. Instead you can focus on tiny details, real moments, and the simple beauty that is a newborn baby."  This really spoke to me because I had way too many newborn sessions in studio that took four hours trying to get the perfectly posed, sleepy shots.  Lifestyle sessions are so much more enjoyable and relaxed, and in my opinion, more beautiful because they are authentic.


What is Lifestyle Photography?

Lifestyle Photography focuses on the love and connection of your new, growing family in the comfort of your own home.  It is a combination of directing and posing family members, storytelling, and candid moments.  I aim to capture every member of the family interacting with with the new baby.  I love it when pets join in too!  They are a part of your story.  I will also capture beautiful photos of your new baby alone, usually in their crib and/or on a bed or blanket.  I will bring a variety of wraps, but something as simple as a solid colored onesie makes beautiful photos too.  In-home sessions are ideal for siblings where they can be comfortable in their own environment and get lots of breaks when they need it.  Sometimes I even capture some great shots of them alone in their own space.


What is Included?

Cost of a session starts at $300.  The amount of images you receive depend upon the collection you purchase after gallery delivery.  Lifestyle Newborn Sessions usually last 1-2 hours.  Final edited images will be delivered within two weeks and can be viewed in a beautiful online gallery.  You can expect to view at least 60 images (often many more) in color and some in black and white.

View Investment page for pricing information.


Where will we shoot?

Ideal areas in your home to shoot are the nursery, master bedroom, and living room, or anywhere else that gets good natural light.  I'm always seeking the light.  If your house does not have abundant natural light, I may do lots of shooting near a window.  If your master bedroom doesn't have nice light, we may choose to shoot in a guest room that gets better light.  Does your house need to be spotless?  No way!  You just had a baby.  First of all, we won't shoot in your entire house, so don't worry about areas we don't need to shoot in.  If I get there and see a room I'd love to shoot in because of great light, we can tidy it up.  I don't judge.  Also, don't be surprised if a move a piece of furniture, or two.  It's all about the light and direction I shoot to the light.  There could be a need to move a couch or chair to a spot where the light sits better on my subjects.


What is the ideal timeframe to shoot?

Lifestyle Newborn Sessions are more flexible and easier to schedule than posed studio sessions because we aim to shoot after 2 weeks of age.  This style focuses on connection and babies are a bit more alert and make better eye contact after 2 weeks of age.  I aim to complete Lifestyle sessions 2-4 weeks of age, but later or earlier is okay too.

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